Flyboard & Jetovator

The Jetovator and Flyboard are the latest in-water and above-water sensations! Experience the thrills of flying over a jetstream of propulsion! Jetovator – Ride The Hose! Reserve well in advance. Choose to combine your experience using both devices or all of your time perfecting one.
PLEASE NOTE: You must know how to swim and tread water in order to participate in this activity!

You don’t have to be a water sports pro to try hydroflight. We provide the coaching and instructional experience to get you flying. Most people are successful within the first 10 minutes! We gradually build your skills and confidence to fly higher or even learn basic tricks during your session. Our strategy is usually to suggest the Jetovator first, then try the flyboard next.

The Jetovator requires less physical stamina and allows you to steer and balance with hand controls. The flyboard requires more core strength (though not a lot of it) and all balance and control comes from your legs. Some will like the Jetovator better, and others – the flyboard. Haliburton Hydroflight is one of the few that offer both! Whether you book a single session with us or a full day event at your lake, we give you both toys to play with!



The Jetovator and flyboard are water propelled, personal water craft accessories that allows the rider to easily elevate into the air.


• Back flips
• Barrel rolls
• Corkscrews

The Jetovator redirects the water thrust from the jet unit of the PWC. This water thrust is then used to propel and elevate the Jetovator or flyboard into the air. The rider can also redirect the water thrust of the two front control nozzles in order to maneuver the Jetovator in all directions. The water thrust coming out of the steering control nozzle is high volume but has low pressure, so that you can actually safely put your hand under the flow of water.


Flyboarding is the origin of the sport of hydroflight developed by Frank Zapata. Pictured on left, is our flyboard hydroflight device. It has a training aid (red plate) that connects the two foot pods together to make it easier to fly at first, which is removable for advancement to increase steering and lead to rotations like 360’s, 720’s and on and on… We have several different sizes of wakeboard boots that are easily interchanged according to rider foot size.

The PWC (personal water craft), which provides the power, follows behind you using the hose as a tether. Our trained instructor can apply the ideal amount of thrust based on the rider’s skill level. They can also cut the throttle at any time in the event that either the rider or PWC comes too close to any other boat or object in the water.  Height can be controlled by PWC operator based on rider’s progression level.

A Helmet and Life Jacket are required for both PWC operator and Jetovator or flyboard rider.

**Not recommended for children under 10 years of age. Parental consent required for persons under the age of 18. Our range of riders has been from 8-68, male and female, swimmers or non swimmers.

Reservations recommended with a credit card guarantee.


Rates including HST

– 30 min $150
– 1 hr $250 (up to two riders)
– 1.5 hr $325 (up to three riders)
– 2 hr $375 (up to four riders)
– Full day to your dock experience (6 hours) $1300 PLUS HST
10+ Riders!
(Travel Time to destination additional)